Table 3.

Frequency of Specific Aggressive Behaviors Reported During Relapse

CBCL Aggressive
Behavior Item
Sometimes or
Frequently (%)*
Demands a lot of attention52
Sudden changes in mood51
Stubborn, sullen, irritable46
Argues a lot42
Teases a lot39
Temper tantrums or hot temper39
Disobedient at home39
Gets in many fights35
Cruelty, bullying, meanness33
Unusually loud33
Talks too much29
Screams a lot28
Easily jealous18
Physically attacks people16
Destroys things belonging to others15
Threatens people10
Disobedient at school12
Bragging, boasting8
Destroys his or her own things8
  • * Percentage of telephone calls in which the behavior was reported.