Table 2.

Approximate Calcium Contents of 1 Serving of Some Common Foods*

FoodServing SizeCalcium Content
Milk 1 cup240 mL300 mg
White beans½ cup110 g113 mg
Broccoli cooked½ cup 71 g 35 mg
Broccoli raw1 cup 71 g 35 mg
Cheddar cheese1.5 oz 42 g300 mg
Low-fat yogurt8 oz240 g300–415 mg
Spinach cooked ½ cup 90 g120 mg
Spinach raw 1½ cup 90 g120 mg
Calcium-fortified orange juice1 cup240 mL300 mg
Orange1 medium1 medium 50 mg
Sardines or salmon with bones20 sardines240 g 50 mg
Sweet potatoes½ cup mashed16044
  • * Adapted from Raper et al,37Weaver,38 ,39 and Weaver and Plawecki.40

  • Low-fat milk has comparable or greater calcium levels than whole milk.

  • The calcium from spinach is essentially nonbioavailable.