Table 1.

Cause of Death Classification Using the Avon System

Avon Classification of Cause of DeathCause of DeathNumber IdentifiedNumber Interviewed (+ 4 Controls)
Avon classification ISIDS188168
Avon classification IISIDS168153
Avon classification I/IISIDS74
 (not specified)Total SIDS363325
Avon classification III (explained deaths)Infection3633
Nonaccidental injury219
Congenital anomaly1010
Metabolic disorder33
Other* 86
Total explained SUDI9372
Total SUDI456397
  • Abbreviations: SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome; SUDI, sudden and unexpected deaths in infancy.

  • * Aspiration of gastric contents, bowel obstruction, bronchopulmonary dysplasia, cardiomyopathy, craniocleidodysostosis, intussusception, and malrotation volvolus.