Table 4.

Multivariate Analysis of Factors Associated With Unscheduled Follow-up Care

VariableOR*95% CIPValue
Age (mo)0.980.95 –1.01.16
Use of ORS before visit1.270.94 –1.71.12
Out-of-home day care1.040.73 –1.49.81
Parent's assessment as dehydrated1.491.04 –2.13.03
Parent with college degree or higher0.860.64 –1.15.31
Vomiting on presentation1.381.00 –1.89.05
Parent working outside home0.790.57 –1.10.17
Number of stools in previous 24 h on presentation1.070.99 –1.15.10
Randomized to intervention group0.750.56 –1.00.05
  • * OR for age and number of stools represent increasing odds of unscheduled visits for each month of age and number of stools in previous 24 hours on presentation, respectively.

    Model χ2 = 30.171; 9 df; P = .0004.

    ORs < 1.00 indicate reduced unscheduled follow-up care.