Table 6.

Bivariate Analysis of Successful Versus Unsuccessful Mothers (n = 522)

SuccessfulUnsuccessfulP Value
Mean maternal age, y29.927.6<.0001
% Married9081<.05
% Father very supportive of the breastfeeding decision9688<.01
% Maternal education beyond high school8475<.05
% Worked outside of the home before birth7484<.05
% Multiparous6447.001
% Good or very good hospital breastfeeding experience8566<.001
% Breastfed in the delivery room8673.001
Mean gestational age, wk39.439.3NS
Mean birth weight, g35273441NS
% White race8988NS
% With commercial insurance9289NS
% With baby in room most of the day9093NS
% Home visited by nurse7571NS
Mean length of stay, hospital, h39.740.9NS
% Of infant discharged <25 h after birth10.58.1NS
% Of infants discharged <30 h after birth21.617.9NS