Table 4.

Evaluation of Hospital Support for Breastfeeding

(n = 522)
Hospital practice
 Received breastfeeding information while in hospital78
 Breastfeeding information from hospital will be helpful85
 Breastfeeding information from hospital consistent with prior breastfeeding information received81
Lactation consultation
 Spoke with lactation consultant while in hospital44
 Lactation consultant gave breastfeeding information that mother did not already have56
 More confident about breastfeeding after meeting with lactation consultation85
 Talked with nurses about breastfeeding82
 Nurses encouraged breastfeeding81
 Nurses have been helpful with breastfeeding97
Overall hospital breastfeeding support*
 Very good22
Overall hospital breastfeeding experience
 Poor or very poor3.2
 Very good41
  • * A combination of 10 survey questions.