Table 3.

Primary Reasons for Discontinuing Breastfeeding Within 4 and 8 Weeks of Birth

4 Weeks
After Birth
(n = 89)
8 Weeks
After Birth
(n = 150)
Mothers no longer breastfeeding, %17.028.7
Reasons given for no longer
 breastfeeding, %
 Baby not latching on or sucking29.217.3
 Painful breasts or nipples18.011.3
 Mother going back to work or school5.614.0
 Baby seemed always hungry10.18.03
 Not enough milk6.710.0
 Too tired9.010.1
 Baby not gaining weight9.08.0
 Mother sick or taking medication1.14.7
 Baby colicky02.3
 Baby weaned itself01.3