Table 1.

CSHQ, Sleep Subscale Characteristics*

SubscaleNo. of ItemsCronbach's αPS (% With Subscale Score >1 SD Above Mean)Demographics (Associated With Increased PS Subscale Score)
Bedtime resistance60.6910.5NS
Sleep onset delay121NS
Sleep duration30.6810.1NS
Sleep anxiety40.6910.3NS
Night wakings30.5312.6↑ Younger**
Daytime sleepiness90.5618.0↑ Older**
↑ Boys1-165
Total sleep disturbance130.758.0NS
TQ70.8011.1↓ SES1-165
  • * Table includes number of items in subscales, Cronbach's α percent of sample population with subscale scores >1 SD above mean score for subscale PS children, and significant differences on subscale scores for age, gender, and SES.

  • ** P ≤ .05.

    P ≤ .01.

  • F1-165 P ≤ .001.

    NS indicates nonsignificant.