Table 2.

Costs of RSV Prophylaxis and of RSV-associated Events*

EventCost, $Source
Medical Costs
 Drug cost: RSVIG    300021
 Administration of RSVIG    840KPMCP data
 Drug cost: Palivizumab    270021
 Administration of Palivizumab    100KPMCP data
 Hospitalization for RSV   8502KPMCP data
 Pre-hospital visit for RSV    198KPMCP data
Work loss Costs
 Administration of RSVIG    176See text
 Administration of Palivizumab     44See text
 Hospitalization for RSV    358See text
Lifetime productivity of an infant
who dies of RSV
984 000§ 24
  • * All costs are listed in 1995 dollars.

  • Assuming 4 doses administered to a 5-kg infant.

  • See text.

  • § This figure is already discounted at an annual rate of 3%.