Table 3.

Initiation of Breastfeeding, Diet at Follow-up, and the Rate Ratio of Diarrhea in 198 Infants Followed From Birth to 6 Months

VariableAdjusted Rate Ratio of Diarrhea95% CI
Initiation of breastfeeding
 Early0.74* 0.56, 0.98
Diet at follow-up
 Exclusively breastfed0.67* 0.47–0.97
 Partially breastfed0.720.52–1.01
 Not breastfed1.00
  • * P < .05 (two-tailed) for comparison with reference category.

  • Reference category.

  • Adjusted rate ratios were derived from multiple logistic regression models, estimated with GEEs and simultaneously fitting time of initiation of breastfeeding (early vs late); current diet (exclusively breastfed, partially breastfed, nonbreastfed), as well as the following additional covariates as independent variables: gender; birth site (hospital or clinic vs home); age at follow-up (in days); maternal education (none vs some); season at follow-up (May–October, warm vs November–April, cold); presence of municipal water supply to house; presence of a sanitary latrine in house; ownership of a television; and ownership of a washing machine. Loss of previous infant was not included in the model, because inclusion of this variable did not alter estimated rate ratios for early initiation and for later dietary practices and because inclusion of this variable excluded the 18% of the cohort whose mothers had not had a previous live birth.