Table 3.

Comparison of Selected Perinatal Performance and Outcome Measures

Indicator/MeasureMCHB*Year 2000TIOP IIHEDIS§
National core performance measured under Title V guidance
 Infant mortality
 Black/white infant mortality ratio
 Neonatal mortality
 Newborn screening
 Postneonatal mortality
 Perinatal mortality
 Prenatal care (early/adequate)
 VLBW in appropriate facilities
State selected measures reported by one or more surveyed states
 Adolescent pregnancy
 Availability of providers
 Birth spacing
 Domestic violence during pregnancy
 HIV screening/treatment (prenatal)
 Low birth weight
 Maternity hospital stay
 Neural tube defects/folic acid intake
 Nutrition during pregnancy
 Postpartum visits
 Preconception care/visits
 Substance abuse during pregnancy
 Sudden infant death syndrome
 Tobacco use during pregnancy
 Unintended pregnancy
 Well-baby visits/infant immunization
 WIC utilization
Other frequently used perinatal measures
 Cesarean birth rates
 Fetal mortality
 Maternal mortality
 Risk appropriate care
  • * Maternal and Child Health Services Title V Block Grant Program: Guidance and forms for the Title V Application/Annual Report.

  • Healthy People 2000.

  • (TIOP II) Toward Improving the Outcome of Pregnancy: The 90s and Beyond.

  • § Medicaid HEDIS. NCQA.