Appendix 1H

Collaboration and Interdisciplinary Models and Practices

Providers Have the Knowledge and Skills toBest Practice Documents (Ref. No.)
1. Recognize roles and responsibilities of families and other individuals with expertise in deafness1, 32, 89, 90, 93
2. Support consultation across disciplines and collaborate with families1, 32, 88–90, 93
3. Recognize the roles and the importance of service coordination and medical homes1, 32, 90, 93
4. Promote collaboration with community programs and resources to support families and children1, 32, 90
5. Recognize intra/interpersonal variables that influence the development of collaborative relationships with parents and professionals1, 32, 88–90, 93
6. Apply principles and strategies to support family members and professionals1, 32, 88–90, 93
7. Implement collaborative strategies for communicating, decision making, and resolving conflict32, 90, 93
8. Provide for a continuum of service delivery models to meet the needs of the individual child and family (eg, direct service, collaborative consultation, playgroup based)90
9. Assume a leadership roles affecting collaboration, including self-evaluating, mentoring, networking, and advocating for families and organizations32, 88, 90, 93