Table 5.

Estimated ORs* Between Overweight (Quetelet Index >95th P) and Adverse Risk Factor Levels, by Age

Risk FactorAge Group (Years)
5–6 (n = 913)7–8 (n = 1068)9–10 (n = 1234)11–12 (n = 1455)13–14 (n = 1568)15–17 (n = 1782)χ2 Value Assessing Variability by Age
TC >200 mg/dL1.4
TG >130 mg/dL7.
LDLC >130 mg/dL0.7
HDLC <35 mg/dL2.6 9.6
High levels of
 DBP4. 25.1
  • * All ORs are have been adjusted for age and the seven examinations in logistic regression models.

  • Values represent the difference in −2·log likelihoods between nested models. Race, sex, and age are included as covariates in both models, and the model including age interactions contains five additional terms representing the product of each age category with overweight. With 5 degrees of freedom (6 age groups − 1), a χ2 value of 15.1 is statistically significant at the 0.01 level, and a χ2 value of 20.5 is significant at the 0.001 level.

  • All ORs are statistically significant at the 0.01 level unless otherwise noted; P > .01.