Appendix 1G

Planning and Implementation of Services: Creating a Lesson Plan, Conducting a Home Visit, Developing the IFSP, and Using Appropriate Curriculums, Methods, and Resources

Providers Have the Knowledge and Skills toBest Practice Documents (Ref. No.)
1. Implement best practices related to the process of developing IFSPs and Individual Education Plans1, 32, 88–90, 93
2. Collaborate with families to develop and implement the IFSPs as working documents1, 32, 89, 90, 93
3. Plan and implement assessment-based instruction88, 90
4. Select and systematically implement intervention strategies appropriate to the communication, hearing, speech, language, and emerging literacy needs of the child88, 90
5. Revise intervention approaches as needed in response to the child and the family1, 32, 88–90, 93
6. Plan and implement effective parent-child sessions in natural environments32, 88, 90
7. Plan and implement center-based session (eg, play groups and peer groups) including developing effective lesson plans32, 88
8. Participate in the planning and implementation of workshops/meetings for familiesNone