Appendix 1F

Technology: Supporting Development by Using Technology to Access Auditory, Visual, and/or Tactile Information

Providers Have the Knowledge and Skills toBest Practice Documents (Ref. No.)
1. Recognize the importance of the use of technology to access auditory, visual, and/or tactile information1, 88–93
2. Recognize benefits and challenges of technology use with infants across multiple settings and activities32, 88, 90, 93
3. Be knowledgeable about current augmentative communication technologies and their application with infants with multiple special needs88
4. Identify sources for obtaining assistive technology, information, funding, and support1, 32, 93
5. Implement strategies to support families’ abilities to use and monitor effectiveness of technology1, 32, 88, 90, 91, 93
6. Promote family skills in monitoring amplification and ensuring device retention and safety1, 32, 88–90
7. Promote family learning and involvement using household, office, and community technology32, 88, 93