Table 1.

Clinical Details of Nonasphyxiated Infants (N = 16)

No.SexBirth Weight
DiagnosisClinical Findings
1F2.738UnknownHypotonia, contractures, weak cry, and poor feeding
2M3.4140Postnatal collapseCollapse following feed, unresponsive following resuscitation
3M2.92441Cerebral infarctSeizures
4M2.4436UnknownAbnormal movements, hypotonia, dystonic posture
6M3.538UnknownHypotonia, poor head control; no visual or auditory responses
7M2.1437Nemaline myopathyApnea and bradycardia at birth, hypotonia, contractures; Immobile
8M4.2641Cerebral infarctSeizures, repeated apnea
9F3.0339Cerebral infarctSeizures
10F3.0439Wooster-Drought syndromeSeizures, recurrent desaturation
11F2.3536Postnatal collapseSeizures, poor feeding, apnea
12F438UnknownAbsent visual and auditory responses, poor feeding, hypotonia
13M3.3539Cerebral infarctSeizures, poor feeding
14F3.52839UnknownSeizures, poor feeding, hypotonia
15F3.1941Mesencephalic and cerebellar
Seizures, sleepy, hypotonia, absent pupillary responses
16F2.38838HemochromatosisSeizures, hypotonia lasting 96 h