Table 4.

ORs and 95% CIs for the Associations of Race/Ethnic Group and Frequency of Reading Fashion Magazines With the Attributes Assigned to the Very Thin Body Types Depicted in the Fashion Magazines

Want to Look Like the Thinnest ModelBelieve That Boys Prefer the Thinnest Model
Race/ethnic group
 White1.00 (Referent)1.00 (Referent)
 Black4.91 (1.58–15.23)3.25 (1.32–8.04)
 Hispanic0.91 (0.12–7.73)0.98 (0.21–4.51)
 Other2.57 (0.49–13.41)*      
Frequency of reading fashion magazines
 Low1.00 (Referent)1.00 (Referent)
 Moderate0.53 (0.11–2.83)1.71 (0.58–5.08)
 High2.96 (0.95–9.26)2.23 (0.78–6.48)
  • * None of the girls of other or mixed race believe that boys prefer the thinnest model.