Table 2.

Distribution of CCVMs by Cardiac Diagnosis, Deaths, and Deaths Before Diagnosis

Cardiac DiagnosisTotal
Search Deaths
Coarctation of the aorta2037  (9%)9  (1%)
Ebstein's anomaly434  (5%)11  (1%)
Atrial septal defect3406  (8%)18  (2%)
Truncus arteriosus516  (8%)31  (4%)
Tetralogy of Fallot2979  (12%)63  (8%)
d-Transposition2085  (7%)88  (11%)
Hypoplastic left heart16711  (14%)140  (18%)
Ventricular septal defect14119  (12%)64  (8%)
Endocardial cushion defect3263  (4%)92  (11%)
Miscellaneous134416  (21%)284  (36%)
All Malformations439076  (100%)800  (100%)
  • Diagnoses of various congenital cardiovascular malformations identified in the study are shown in column one followed by the total number of cases identified over a 9-year period. The total number of deaths of cases with the designated CCVM is shown as well as the number of infants with that diagnosis found by community search. The diagnoses of coarctation of the aorta, Ebstein's anomaly, truncus arteriosus, and atrial septal defect are significantly overrepresented in the population of infants with CCVM found only at community search.