Table 2.

Compliance and Concomitant Medication Per Fever Episode by Treatment Group

Ibuprofen n = 271 (100%)Placebo n = 284 (100%)
Fever episodes without febrile seizure recurrence
 Fully compliant164  (61%)183  (64%)
 Not fully compliant
  Parents did not give the study medication and did not report fever promptly17  (6%)6  (2%)
  Parents deviated from the prescribed dose:54  (20%)56  (20%)
   and gave additional acetaminophen4  (1%)3  (1%)
   and gave diazepam rectal solutiona 1  (<1%)
Fever episodes with febrile seizure recurrence
 Fully compliant13  (5%)17  (6%)
 Not fully compliant
  Parents did not give the study medication, because fever was not recognized
  before the seizure occurred
11  (4%)11  (4%)
  Parents did not give the study medication for other reasons7  (3%)8  (3%)
  • * Administered of the parents' own accord to prevent febrile seizure recurrence.

    Note: Antibiotic treatment for suspected bacterial infection of the respiratory tract was prescribed for 8 children (1 in the ibuprofen group and 7 in the placebo group). Two children received continuous antibiotic prophylaxis because of preexisting vesicoureteral reflux (1 in the ibuprofen group vs 1 in the placebo group).