Table 8.

IMR by Birth Weight and Race of Mother, United States, 1996, and Percent Change 1985–1996

Birth Weight (g)IMRPercent Change, 1985–1996*
All RacesWhiteBlackAll RacesWhiteBlack
  • * Percent change from 1985–1996 was computed based on unweighted and unimputed birth weight data for 1996, because comparable weighted and imputed birth weight data were not available for 1985.

  • Includes races other than white and black.

  • IMRs from the linked file differ slightly from those based on unlinked data (Tables 6, 7), because the linked file uses the self-reported race of mother from the birth certificate, whereas the unlinked data uses the race of the decedent as reported by the funeral director on the death certificate.

  • § Figure does not meet standard of reliability or precision.

    Source: National Center for Health Statistics, Linked Birth/Infant Death Dataset—1996 Period Data.