Table 13.

Injury Deaths and Death Rates Among Children and Teenagers: United States, Preliminary 1997

Mechanism and Intent of Death (ICD–9 E Codes)Total: 1–19 Years1–4 Years5–9 Years10–14 Years15–19 Years
All Injury17 16523.4230315.016828.5240712.610 77356.5
 Unintentional (E800–E869, E880–E929)11 61015.9192512.515047.617939.4638733.5
 Suicide (E950–E959)21272.9NA53081.618149.5
 Homicide (E960–E969)32154.43452.31590.82771.5243412.8
 Undetermined (E980–E989)2000.3330.214280.11250.7
 Other (E970–E978, E990–E999)1300112
Motor vehicle traffic, All (E810–E819, E958.5)748010.26554.37974.010335.4499526.2
  Occupant (E810–E819 [.0, .1])44778.23372.83622.35103.5326923.4
  Motor cyclist (E810–E819 [.2, .3])1310.203131160.8
  Pedal cyclist (E810–E819 [.6])2880.46770.41290.7770.4
  Pedestrian (E810–E819 [.7])9431.32151.42591.32021.12671.4
  Unspecified (E810–E819 [.9])160497941701243
Firearm (E922, E955.0–.4, E965.0–.4, E970, E985.0–.4)40785.6770.51070.54242.2347018.2
 Unintentional (E922)3250.4230.1330.2970.51720.9
 Suicide (E955.0–.4)12821.8NA11200.611616.1
 Homicide (E965.0–.4)23903.3520.3720.41971.0206910.9
 Undetermined (E985.0–.4)680.1219560.3
 Other (970)1300112
Poisoning (E850–E869, E950–E952, E962, E980–E982)4600.6440.3260.1460.23431.8
 Unintentional (E850–E869)2870.4370.218230.12091.1
 Suicide (E950–E952)1010.1NA011900.5
 Undetermined (E980–E982)530.1334420.2
Fall (E880–E886, E888, E957, E968.1, E987)2320.3460.3230.1320.21310.7
 Unintentional (E880–E886, E888)1870.3430.3230.1280.1940.5
 Suicide (E957)340.0NA04310.2
Suffocation (E911–E913, E953, E963, E983)11031.51661.1720.42781.55863.1
 Unintentional (E911–E913)3480.51410.9560.3860.5650.3
 Suicide (E953)6420.9031710.94692.5
 Homicide (E963)930.1200.11112510.3
Drowning (E830, E832, E910, E954, E964, E984)12731.74512.92431.22091.13701.9
 Unintentional (E830, E832, E910)12371.74392.92401.22071.13511.8
Fire/hot object/substance (E890–E899; E924; E958 [.1, .2, .7]; E961; E968 [.0, .3];
 E988 [.1, .2, .7])
 Unintentional (E890–E899, E924)6840.93302.11760.9990.5800.4
 Homicide (E961, E968 [.0, .3])570.11817137
Cut/pierce (E920, E956, E966, E986)2230.31014300.21680.9
 Homicide (E966)2060.3712260.11610.8
Struck by/against (E916–E917, E960.0, E968.2, E973, E975)1630.2450.3300.2250.1630.3
 Unintentional (E916–E917)1280.2370.2240.1210.1460.2
Machinery (E919)670.119171417
Pedal cycle, other (E800–E807 [.3]; E820–E825 [.6]; E826 [.1, .9]; E827–E829 [.1])290.048143
Pedestrian, other (E800–E807 [.2], E820–E825 [.7], E826–E829 [.0])1930.3920.6200.1290.2520.3
Transportation, other (E800–E807 [.0, .1, .8, .9]; E820–E825 [.0–.5, .8, .9];
E826 [.2–.8]; E827–E829 [.2–.9]; E831; E833–E845; E958.6; E988.6)
Natural/environmental (E900–E909; E928 [.0–.2]; E958.3; E988.3)1010.1290.214220.1360.2
Unintentional (E900–E909; E928 [.0–.2])1010.1290.214220.1360.2
  • * Rate per 100 000 population in specified group.

  • Rates based on fewer than 20 deaths are unreliable.

  • In the rate calculations, the fourth-digit .9 codes for unspecified person were distributed proportionately according to the known distribution of occupant and motorcyclist deaths in each age group.

  • § Includes fourth-digit ICD codes .4, .5, .8 not shown separately.

  • ICD–E codes for all injuries include (E800–E869, E880–E929, E950–E959, E960–E969, E980–E989, E970–E978, E990–E999).

    Note: Totals for selected causes of death differ from those shown in previous tables that use standard mortality tabulation lists.

    Source: National Center for Health Statistics. Data computed by the Office of Analysis, Epidemiology, and Health Promotion from data compiled by the Division of Vital Statistics.