Table 1.

Demographic Characteristics of Study Sample by Age of Identification of Hearing Loss

Demographic Variable/Category of VariableAge of Identification of Hearing Loss
By 6 MonthsAfter 6 Months
 Not a minority53745675
Mother's education
 12 years or less27432652
 >12 years36572448
Medicaid status
 Not on Medicaid24482658
 On Medicaid26521942
Degree of hearing loss
Mode of communication
 Oral only39543646
 Oral and sign language33464254
Multiple handicaps
 No other handicaps37534259
 Additional handicaps33472941
Cognitive ability
 Cognitive quotient <8021294456
 Cognitive quotient ≥8051713444
Age at data collection
 13 to 18 months18251019
 19 to 24 months22311525
 25 to 30 months19262831
 31 to 36 months13182525