Table 1.

Patient Assessment Criteria

Physical Assessment:
 General assessment: level of distress/irritability
 HEENT, nuchal rigidity, extraocular movements, pupillary reactions, scleral assessment
*Heart: assessment of heart sounds, murmurs, gallops, pulses
*Lungs: wheezing, retractions
*Abdomen: distension, palpation, organomegaly, sounds
 Skin: edema, petechiae, erythroderma
Modified Asthma Score
Silverman Croup Score
Glasgow Coma Scale
Preliminary Diagnosis: included general categories such as neurologic, respiratory, cardiac, sepsis, gastrointestinal
Interventions: included fluid bolus, aerosols, intravenous antibiotics, etc
 Patient Assessment Criteria: all findings were categorized as normal, abnormal, mild, moderate, or severe
  • * Cardiac and lung auscultation were performed by the physically present emergency room physician only.