Table 4.

Characteristics of 19 HIV-Infected or At-Risk Perpetrators of Sexual Abuse of 17 HIV-Infected Children

SexNo. (%)
 Male19  (100)
HIV status
 HIV-infected18  (95)
 Unknown1  (5)
Behavioral risk for HIV infection
 Injecting drug user10  (53)
 Men who have sex with men6  (32)
 Sex with an injecting drug user1  (5)
 Unknown2  (11)
Relationship to child
 Father6  (32)
 Stepfather3  (16)
 Other relative4  (21)
 Unrelated adult6  (32)
Relationship to child's mother
 Sexual partner or spouse13  (68)
 Acquaintance or relative5  (26)
 None1  (5)
Perpetrator lived in the household12  (63)
Legal status regarding abuse of the child
Vital status
 (3 died before an investigation of sexual abuse by authorities took place)
  • * Percentage (%) may not add up to 100 due to rounding.