Table 3.

Characteristics of Children Reported With HIV/AIDS and Meeting the Surveillance Definition for Risk of Sexual Transmission of HIV Infection

PatientGenderRaceAge at Diagnosis
(Age at First Positive
HIV test)
(Age at AIDS diagnosis)
Maternal HIV
HIV Risk
Other Modes of
HIV Exposure
HIV+/at risk
Diagnosis of
Sexual Contact
AIDS1FemaleBlack non-HispanicHIV-12 yHIV−Not reported/identifiedNoneOneMD diagnosis
AIDS-12 yChild and mother
Prosecution of perpetrator
AIDS2FemaleWhite non-HispanicHIV-12 yHIV−Sex with HIV+ male
NoneOneMD diagnosis
AIDS-12 ySex with bisexual male
AIDS3FemaleWhite non-HispanicHIV-10 yHIV−NoneNoneOneMD diagnosis
AIDS-10 yProsecution of perpetrator
AIDS4FemaleBlack non-HispanicHIV-12 yHIV−IDUNoneOneMD diagnosis
AIDS-12 ySex with IDU
Child disclosure
Sex with HIV+ malePrevious STD
Prosecution of perpetrator
AIDS5FemaleBlack non-HispanicHIV-7 yHIV+IDUPerinatal,TwoMD diagnosis
AIDS-7 ySex with IDUPhysical abuse by
 drug injection
AIDS6FemaleBlack non-HispanicHIV-9 yHIV+Sex with HIV+ male
PerinatalOnePerpetrator disclosure
AIDS-11 ySex with bisexual male
AIDS7FemaleWhite non-HispanicHIV-12 yHIV+Sex with IDU
PerinatalTwoChild disclosure
AIDS-12 ySex with HIV+ maleProsecution of perpetrator
AIDS8FemaleBlack non-HispanicHIV-11 yUnknownNoneNoneOneMD diagnosis
AIDS-12 yChild disclosure
Concurrent STD
AIDS9FemaleBlack non-HispanicHIV-7 yHIV−Sex with IDUNoneOnePrevious STD
AIDS-7 yMD diagnosis
Child disclosure
Sibling disclosure
Prosecution of perpetrator
AIDS10MaleBlack non-HispanicHIV-4 yHIV−Sex with HIV+ maleNoneOneMD diagnosis
AIDS-5 yProsecution of perpetrator
AIDS11FemaleBlack non-HispanicHIV-12 yHIV−Not reported/identifiedNoneOneConcurrent STD
AIDS-12 yChild and
 mother disclosure
AIDS12MaleBlack non-HispanicHIV-11 yHIV− after child's birthIDUNoneOneGrandmother, cousin,
AIDS-11 y but subsequently
 and child disclosure
HIV13FemaleWhite non-HispanicHIV-3 yHIV−IDUNoneOneMD diagnosis
Sex with IDUChild disclosure
HIV14FemaleBlack non-HispanicHIV-10 yHIV−Sex with HIV+ maleNoneOneMD diagnosis
Child and mother disclosure
Previous STD
HIV15FemaleWhite non-HispanicHIV-7 yHIV+Sex with HIV+ maleNone (child tested OneMD diagnosis
Sex with IDU HIV− at time of abuseProsecution of perpetrator
 then subsequentlyChild disclosure
 seroconverted)Sibling disclosure
HIV16FemaleBlack non-HispanicHIV-11 yUnknownNot reported/identifiedNoneOneMD diagnosis
Child disclosure
Prosecution of perpetrator
Previous STD
HIV17MaleWhite non-HispanicHIV-5 yHIV−IDUNoneOneChild disclosure
  • Abbreviations: HIV, human immunodeficiency virus; AIDS, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome; MD, physician; IDU, injecting drug user; STD, sexually transmitted disease; HIV+, HIV-infected; HIV−, HIV-antibody negative.