Table 2.

Predictors of Prone Sleep Position Using Multiple Logistic Regression

CharacteristicAdjusted OR*95% CI
Race of mother
 Black vs white/other2.11.4–3.1
Education of mother
 <High school vs ≥high school2.21.4–3.4
 Rural vs urban1.91.3–2.7
When prenatal care received
 Late/none vs early3.61.4–9.2
Period2-a parity
 Period I (before 4/30/92)
  Previous liveborns vs first liveborn1.30.8–4.0
 Period II (after 4/30/92)
  Previous liveborns vs first liveborn2.61.7–4.1
  • F2-a Adjusted for the other covariates in this Table.

    Hosmer–Lemeshow goodness-of-fit test P value = .8387.