Table 2.

Characteristics of NM, PM, and GM Groups of Infants Born in Alberta in 1992 Who Should Have Had Screening for Metabolic Disease in the Newborn Period

VariableNMPMGMPost hoc Contrasts
(Scheffé's Test)
P < 0.05
Birth weight274011297813164780954337556040 593NM < PM < GM
Gestation35.26.583938.23.795939.11.940 591NM < PM < GM
Total live born2.11.68392.11.49602.01.240 593NM > GM
Mother's age27.45.983827.26.395828.05.340 590NM, PM < GM
Age at death3.418.01464.75.41672.369.186NM, PM < GM