Table 1.

Variables Available From Screening and Vital Statistics Records and Used for Analysis of Coverage in an NSP in Alberta, Canada, in 1992

Variables Common to Both DatasetsVariables Recorded Only in Birth RegistryVariables Recorded Only on Neonatal Screening Form
Date of birtha Last name of motherDate of sample
Last name of childFirst name of motherIs baby >24 hours old?
First name of childBirthweightAge at screening
SexGestationTime of sample
Birth site/blood source1-b Date of birthTSH result
Mother's date of birthBiotinidase result
Mother's marital statusTyrosine result
Normal city of residencePhenylalanine result
Postal code of residence
Mother's health plan number
Total infants live born
Total infants stillborn
  • a For matching purposes, date of birth used estimated date for the screen file and registered date for the birth file.

  • F1-b Birth site was considered equivalent to blood source site for matching purposes. In a city, the birth site and blood source site could be one of several hospitals; smaller communities had only one hospital.