Table 4.

Association of Prior Antibiotic Therapy and/or Day Care Attendance With Penicillin Susceptibility of Pneumococcal Isolates From Children ≤5-Years Old With Systemic Infection

95% Confidence
Day Care AttendancePrevious Antibiotic TherapyNonsusceptibleSusceptible
NoNo66 (13.6%)418
YesNo27 (13%)181.9*
NoYes42 (21.2%)1561.7*1.1 –2.7
YesYes44 (37%)753.72.3 –6.0
  • * Compared with no day care attendance and no previous antibiotic therapy.

  • Compared with previous antibiotic therapy only, children with both day care attendance and previous antibiotic therapy had an increased risk for a nonsusceptible isolate (odds ratio, 2.2; 95% confidence interval, 1.3–3.7).