Table 3.

New Patients With Turner Syndrome and Aortic Dilation (n = 15)

PatientAgeAge at DxCVMHypertensionLocationSeverity of Dilation*SurgeryStatusHormone
 110NSBAVAsc aortaMild* GoodGH currently
 210 5BAV, AS, ARAsc aortaModerate aneurysm* Aortic valvotomy
(2 mo)
GoodGH currently
 31111(AR)Asc aortaMild* GoodGH currently
 41413Pseudo-COA, AR, BAVNSAsc aortaMild* Few problemsGH currently estrogen currently
 51514COAAsc aortaMild* COA repair (3 wk)Few problemsGH currently estrogen currently
 617NSAsc aortaMild GoodGH in the past
 estrogen currently
 718NSBAV, MVPAsc aortaMild* GoodGH in the past
 estrogen currently
 819?13BAV, COAMildAsc and desc aortaModerate*,
COA repair (7 y); aneurysm repair
(15 y)
Significant problemsGH in the past estrogen currently
 918 4COAMildAsc and Desc aortaModerate* COA repair (4 y); COA redo with bypass graft (12 y)GoodGH in the past estrogen currently
102016ASAsc aortaMild* GoodGH in the past
 estrogen currently
112217Asc aortaMild* GoodGH currently
 estrogen currently
122212PAPVRAsc aortaModerate PAPVR repair (12 y)GoodGH in the past
 estrogen currently
133019MVP, MR, ARAsc aortaSevere*, dissection “Marfan-like”AV replacement and aortic graft (19 y); MV replacement
(24 y)
Significant problemsGH currently estrogen currently
143128BAVAsc aortaSevere*, dissectionAV replacement and aortic graft (28 y)Few problemsEstrogen currently
154844BAVMildAsc aortaModerate*, aneurysmCABG (45 y)Few problems
  • * Aortic dilation verified.

  • Patient name and/or address not available, verification not possible.

    Abbreviations: CABG, coronary artery bypass graft; GH, growth hormone; NS, not stated.