APPENDIX. Complexity Categories for Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

Category I
ProcedureMR (%)No. of CasesVol. (%)
 Patent ductus arteriosis closure/weight >1500 g1.885858.16
 Coarctation of aorta repair1.934666.50
 Blalock-Hanlon septectomy0.00110.15
 Aortic valvotomy0.0030.04
 Vascular ring repair0.00510.71
 Atrial septal defect, secundum0.6378911.01
 ASD (primum/sinous Ven./PAPVC/w MV Repair)0.372733.81
 Cor triatrialum or supravalvular mitral stenosis0.00190.27
 Single VSD1.8481711.40
 VSD and aortic Inc/VSD w/tri valve2.17460.64
 Tetralogy of Fallot without transannular patch2.041472.04
 Pulmonary valvotomy1.79560.78
 Coronary fistula closure0.0070.10
 Aort val repl (mech/het/homograft/auto)2.38420.59
 Aortic stenosis (subvalvular/supravalvular)0.711401.95
 Cardiac arrhythmia surgery 0.00   1 0.00
Category II
ProcedureMR (%)No. of CasesVol. (%)
 Multiple VSD5.26190.27
 Tetralogy of Fallot, with transannular patch5.294356.07
 Bidirectional Glenn anastomosis/Bidir Glenn3.332102.93
 Aortopulmonary window repair4.76210.29
 Aortic root repair0.00290.04
 Mitral valve repair2.7741.03
 Rastelli repair/intraventricular tunnel repair 5.71 105 1.46
Category III
ProcedureMR (%)No. of CasesVol. (%)
 Blalock-Taussing/other shunts9.114285.97
 Complete atrioventricular canal defect10.102874.00
 Tetralogy of Fallot (w/right vent to pul cond/pul atr)13.001001.39
 Tetralogy of Fallot, with other intracardiac proc.8.16981.37
 Reconstruction of RV outflow tract, with shunt12.9310.43
 Reconstruction of RV outflow tract, w/o shunt11.25801.12
 Fontan operation/total cavo-pulm derivation13.511852.58
 Ebstein's malformation repair11.1190.13
 Aortic valvotomy, open7.50400.56
 Mech. mitral valve replacement/het repl13.51370.52
 Arterial switch/Art switch and other cardiac proc11.722563.57
 Other op for CHD with extra corp12.463134.37
Category IV
ProcedureMR (%)No. of CasesVol. (%)
 Patent ductus arteriosis closure/wt <1500 g15.562573.58
 Aortic arch anom. repair/int. aortic arch repair16.07560.78
 Banding of pulmonary artery19.05841.17
 Waterson/central shunts22.41580.81
 Pulmonary valvotomy, closed16.67180.25
 Other ops for CH disease w/o extra corp17.39460.64
 Total anomolous pulmonary venous connection17.861121.56
 Truncus arteriosus repair22.03590.82
 Anomalous left coronary from pulmonary artery14.81270.38
 Aortic valve replacement (other)20.0050.07
 Other op. for left ventricular outlet obstruction20.00100.14
 Hypoplastic LH of aortic atresia (Norwood, other)34.211141.59
 Mitral valve repl, creat or enlargement of ASD16.6760.08
 Mustard/Senning repair-trans. of great arteries23.53170.24
 LV-PA conduit with or without other card proc40.0050.07
 Other procedure for TGA or DORV15.38520.73
 Septation (primary or staged) single vent procs16.6760.08
 Other procedure for single ventricle46.15  13 0.18
20.11 94513.17
  • Abbreviations: ASD, atrial septal defect; MV, mitral valve; VSD, ventricular septal defect; TGA, transposition of great arteries; DORV, double-outlet right ventricle.