Table 1.

Postprogram Differences in Pediatricians' Behavior*

VariableAdjusted Mean
of Treatment
Adjusted Mean of
Control Group
P Value
Treat newly diagnosed patients with inhaled antiinflammatory therapy67.77%56.27%.044
Address specific fears about the new medication5.144.68.026
Give written instructions for later reference about using the medication4.523.91.058
Go over the instruction for the new medication5.044.43.01
Write down for the family how to adjust the medicine when symptoms change4.303.46.001
Provide guidelines for patients to use to adjust therapy when clinical
conditions change
Time spent on a visit for a newly diagnosed child with asthma (in minutes)22.827.1.007
  • * Analysis of covariance with baseline data as a covariate. No significant differences between treatment and control groups at baseline were identified for these variables.

  • Likert type response format, where 1 = never and 6 = always.