Table 6.

Rank-Order of Endorsement Frequencies for Shared Items of Three CSBI Versions6-a

Item No. (Abbreviated)6-bCSBI-16-c (N = 880)CSBI-R6-d (N = 141)CSBI-36-e (N = 1114)
11 Puts mouth on sex parts.11.4.2
16 Asks others to engage in sex acts.40.0.3
 8 Masturbates with object.82.83.9
18 Inserts objects in vagina/rectum.92.8.8
10 Imitates intercourse1.10.0
15 Sexual sounds1.40.01.4
31 French kisses2.50.02.3
29 Undresses other people2.61.41.2
30 Asks to watch explicit TV2.71.47.7
20 Imitates sex behavior with dolls3.21.41.6
 3 Wants to be opposite sex4.92.85.4
23 Talks about sexual acts4.72.85.3
 1 Dresses like the opposite sex5.87.09.3
 9 Touches others' sex parts6.09.8
17 Rubs body against people6.79.84.3
32 Hugs strange adults7.312.79.5
33 Shows sex parts to children8.111.35.3
13 Uses sexual words8.82.8
34 Overly aggressive, overly passive10.42.8
28 Talks flirtatiously10.61.44.9
 5 Masturbates with hand15.319.612.4
22 Looks at nude pictures15.59.96.7
21 Shows sex parts to adults16.04.29.8
 4 Touches sex parts in public19.728.814.4
35 Interested in the opposite sex23.09.917.1
19 Tries to look at people undressing28.523.921.4
 7 Touches breasts30.735.327.3
27 Kisses children they don't know well8.54.5
24 Kisses adults they don't know well7.04.3
 6 Draws sex parts2.82.3
14 Touches animals' sexual parts1.32.81.5
25 Gets upset by public displays of affection9.89.6
26 Overly friendly with men they don't know well7.12.82.8
36 Mouth on breasts2.60.03.0
 2 Stands too close to people11.618.321.3
12 Touches sex parts at home45.839.538.4
  • F6-a Only identical or similar items are included. The current version includes some new items.

  • F6-b The entire items is not reprinted. The item number reflects the number of the item for the current version.

  • F6-c Friedrich et al.7

  • F6-d Friedrich.8

  • F6-e Current version.