Table 6.

Logistic Regression Model for Adult Obesity as a Function of Parent Obesity, Age at AR, BMI at AR, and Gender (n = 234)

Odds Ratio95% Confidence IntervalP Value*
Paternal obesity.007
 Obese versus nonobese4.1(1.5 –11.4)
Maternal obesity.04
 Obese versus nonobese3.2(1.1 –9.5)
Age at AR.06
 Middle versus late3.8(0.9 –16.2)
 Early versus late6.0(1.3 –26.6)
BMI z score at AR.16
 Medium versus low2.5(0.6 –10.0)
 High versus low3.6(1.0 –13.7)
 Male versus female2.2(0.8 –5.5)
  • * P value is for significance of factor in the model.