Table 3.

Adjusted Annual Change in Asthma Discharge Rates and Source of Payment for 1985–1993 by Race/Ethnicity and Median Household Income, Northern New England and New York, Age 0–17 Years

Asthma Discharges RateProportion of Discharges With Medicaid
or Self-pay Source of Payment (%)
Adjusted Annual Rate of Change (%)*95% CI
White, non-Hispanic
 Low MHH income−0.6(−1.6,0.4)44.9
 Medium MHH income−1.0(−1.8,−0.2)28.9
 High MHH income−1.0(−1.8,−0.2)16.6
Black, non-Hispanic
 Low MHH income4.8(3.7,5.8)74.5
 Medium MHH income5.1(3.8,6.5)60.5
 High MHH income7.5(5.7,9.3)55.8
 Low MHH income6.5(5.4,7.6)84.6
 Medium MHH income7.4(5.8,9.0)71.1
 High MHH income10.1(7.3,13.0)57.5
  • * Regression models controls for State, age, sex, race/ethnicity, median household income, and rural.

    MHH indicates median household income.