Table 2.

Adjusted Annual Change in Asthma Discharge Rates and Asthma Day Proportion,* 1985–1994, From Multivariate Models

Asthma Discharges RateAsthma Day Proportion
Adjusted Annual Rate of
Change (%)
95% CIAdjusted Annual Rate of
Change (%)
95% CI
 New York (1985–1993)3.8(3.3,4.2)6.3(5.7,7)
 New Hampshire−5.8(−7.6,−4.1)4.5(2.2,6.9)
Age (years)
Median household income (zip code)
 $0–27 0004.1(3.5,4.8)6.7(5.8,7.7)
 $27 001–37 0002.2(1.5,2.9)6.2(5.2,7.2)
 $37 001+1.7(0.9,2.4)5.4(4.3,6.5)
Rural (zip code)
Race/ethnicity (1985–1993)
 White, non-Hispanic−0.9(−1.4,−0.4)6.1(5.3,6.8)
 Black, non-Hispanic5.2(4.5,6.0)6.7(5.4,8)
  • * Asthma day proportion defined as the number of asthma hospitals days/number of total hospital days.

  • Regression models controls for state, age, sex, race/ethnicity, median household income, and rural area.

  • New York and race/ethnicity are analyzed for 1985–1993 because race/ethnicity in New York was incompletely reported in 1994.