Table 2.

Associations Between Duration of Breastfeeding and Social, Family, and Perinatal Factors

MeasureDuration of BreastfeedingP
Not Breastfed<4 Months4–7 Months≥8 Months
Social/family factors (%)
 Mother age <25 years at birth of child40.351.335.530.9<.001
 Mother lacked formal educational qualifications64.660.240.629.4<.001
 Family of semiskilled/unskilled socioeconomic status32.431.921.715.6<.001
 Child entered single-parent family at birth10.<.001
 Mother smoked during pregnancy43.942.728.612.8<.001
 Below average living standards (0–5 years)24.322.313.410.6<.001
 In lowest quartile on averaged family income (0–5 years)27.431.816.718.9<.001
Perinatal factors
 Male (%)46.652.248.452.1>.30
 Mean birth weight (g)3281335333943445<.001
 Mean gestation (weeks)39.539.739.739.6>.20
 First born in family (%)29.746.539.637.6<.001