Table 1.

Summary of Selected Colorado Newborn Screening Programs: A Comparison of Existing Screening Programs and Proposed Universal Infant Hearing Screening

Congenital Hearing LossHypothyroidismPhenylketonuriaCystic FibrosisHemoglobinopathy
Frequency per 100 0002602575013
 births(200 Bilateral)
Yearly Colorado births54 00054 00054 00054 00054 000
Number positive, first 35006005600600
 screen(1620 Expected)
Number of children 140154277
 diagnosed(110 Bilateral)
Positive predictive 5%3%80%4%1%
 value(19% Expected)
Average age of diagnosis if unscreened30 months3–12 Months3–12 Months42 Months3–36 Months
Cost of initial screen per child$25$3$3$3$3
Screening cost per$9600$10 800$40 500$6000$23 100
 confirmed diagnosis($12 300 Bilateral)
Effectiveness of treatment2+3+3+1+2+
Clinical result of delayed diagnosisLanguage delay, academic delay, psychosocial difficulties, cognitive delaysLethargy, confusion, poor memory, myxedema, coma, cretinismSeizures, tremors, severe irreversible mental retardationMalnutritionBacterial sepsis, anemia, sickling crisis