Table 5.

Comparison of Efficacy Against Typical Pertussis as Determined Clinical by the Central Investigators With Efficacy Against Typical Pertussis and Laboratory Confirmed B pertussis or B parapertussis Infection

VaccineCategory of CasesNo. CasesEfficacy(95% CI)
DTaPClinical* 4982%(75 –87)
Clinical and laboratory 6579%(71 –84)
DTPClinical* 4085%(79 –90)
Clinical and laboratory5482%(75 –87)
DTClinical* 94
Clinical and laboratory104
  • * Central Investigators' diagnosis of definite or probable pertussis.

  • Isolation of either B pertussis or B parapertussis or serologic evidence of infection with either organism or household contact with a culture confirmed illness due to either organism.