Table 2.

DTaP and DTP Vaccine Efficacy Against Typical Pertussis*

Laboratory Case Criteria
VaccinesB pertussis-SpecificEither B pertussisor B parapertussis B pertussisCulture or Any Serologic Evidence
No. CasesRateEfficacy (95% CI)No. CasesRateEfficacy (95% CI)No. CasesRateEfficacy (95% CI)
DTaP450.583% 650.779% 610.779%
(76 –88)(71 –84)(72 –85)
DTP180.293% 540.682% 470.584%
(89 –96)(75 –87)(77 –89)
DT  91 3.0 104 3.5 102 3.4
  • * Modified WHO clinical definition requiring 21 days of cough with either paroxysmal cough, whoop or posttussive vomiting.

  • Isolation of B pertussis by culture or significant ELISA antibody rise to PT or a household contact to a B pertussisculture confirmed case.

  • Isolation of either B pertussis or B parapertussis or serologic evidence of infection with either organism or household contact with a culture confirmed illness due to either organism.

  • Isolation of B pertussis or significant antibody response to any B pertussis antigen or household contact to a B pertussis culture confirmed case.

  • Cases per 100 person years.