Table 3.

Odds Ratios for Doing Well Compared to Doing Less Well for the Social Capital Index and Each Social Capital Indicator

Social Capital VariableWell (n = 87)*Less Well (n = 580)*OR(95% CI)
Neighborhood support51(59.3)277(48.3)1.56(0.98, 2.47)
Personal social support51(58.6)263(45.6)1.69(1.07, 2.67)
Regular church attendance42(48.3)203(35.2)1.71(1.09, 2.70)
Two or fewer children in home45(51.7)282(48.6)1.13(0.72, 1.78)
Two parents in home42(48.8)264(46.0)1.12(0.71, 1.76)
Social Capital Index ≥421(24.7)88(15.6)1.78(1.03, 3.06)
  • * Denominators for computing percentages vary slightly due to missing values.

  • OR indicates unadjusted or crude univariate odds ratio; and CI, confidence interval.