Table 2.

Characteristics of Children and Families by Child Well-being Group

CharacteristicWell (n = 87)*Less Well (n = 580)*P
Demographic characteristics
 Child age (mean)4.5 y4.4 y.11
 Mother with high school diploma/GED72.4%63.9%.15
 Child in foster care3.5%9.1%.09
 Annual family income category (median)$10 000 to 15 000$10 000 to 15 000.10
Child test scores
 CBCL internalizing (mean)44.351.4<.0001
 CBCL externalizing (mean)47.157.6<.0001
 CBCL total problems (mean)45.856.5<.0001
 Battelle total score = 0100% 15.9%<.0001
Maternal mental health and parenting
 Maternal caregiver depressed (CES-D ≥ 16)20.7%33.6%.02
 AAPI parental empathy (mean)29.929.4.36
 AAPI family roles (mean)28.928.5.58
 AAPI developmental expectations (mean)23.723.8.81
 AAPI noncorporal discipline (mean)36.436.5.91
  • * Number of subjects for comparison varies due to missing values: 667 (age, foster care, child test scores); 663 (education, AAPI scales); 659 (depression); 648 (income).