Table 5.

Information on Siblings

Case No.No. of Siblings at
Time of CVS
Documented Features of Concern or Abuse in SiblingsDeath in Siblings
12Head injury at 7 months and ingestion of drugs at age 2.5 years; cyanotic episodesNo
21Sister, 2.5 years, scalded, partial thickness burns to arm, chest and elbow, said to foster mother “Don't burn me”; refused to use shower, said “mum done it” when talking to foster mother; mother falsely alleged that she was also burned and needed treatment in casualty departmentNo
42None documentedSudden unexpected death in 3-month-old (classified as SIDS)
52None documentedNo
91Mother reported by HV to have hit siblingNo
112Allegations of abuse and/or neglect ×20 to Social Services in 5-y period; Sibling 1 had failure to thrive, head injury, scald on shoulder (9% burn); Sibling 2 had head injury at 8 months, mother alleged it was result of fall downstairs; also cut lip on 2 occasionsNo
121ALTE and fits; inadequate anticonvulsant drug levels; severe diaper rash; blood-stained secretions from mouth and nose with ALTESudden unexpected death in 11-month-old (classified as SIDS)
131ALTE and fits from age of 4 months; alleged hematemesisSudden unexpected death in 5-month-old (classified as SIDS); after being temporarily resuscitated, fresh blood in mouth and nose at death
141None documentedNo
161Mother fell on sibling as infant, who could not breathe as a result; ingestion of washing powder; mother had mental health order during postnatal period (possible postnatal depression)No
171None documentedNo
210None (but sibling of mother had apneic episodes)N/A
221 (Stepbrother)ALTE requiring resuscitation at age 5 monthsSudden unexpected death at 6 months, temporarily resuscitated, fractured rib (classified as SIDS/bronchopneumonia)
232Both had ALTE requiring resuscitation; first sibling had ALTE with bleeding from nose and mouth at age 10 weeksSudden unexpected death of both, age 12 weeks (temporarily resuscitated) and 2 months (both classified as SIDS)
241Cigarette burns at age 17 months; temporarily delayed development (thought because of deprivation); ingestion of paracetamol; multiple GP attendances (35 in first 18 months of life)No
251 (Stepsister)ALTE at 14 months; stridor at 15 months; narrow trachea 1 cm long at 4 cm below vocal cords, operation to resect this undertaken at 21 monthsDied at 22 months, 2 days after discharge after additional ALTE (stepmother admitted suffocation by holding hand over face)
261 (Halfsister)None documentedNo
272 Older siblings already adopted1 had serious unexplained injuries including multiple fractures; mother convicted of willful neglect (also classed as Schedule 1 offender)No
282Sister regularly locked in bedroom; hit across face at hairdresser; poor school attendance; cigarette burn on foot; frequently left in care of othersOne died of complications after preterm birth (32 weeks' gestation)
2932 of 3 had multiple ALTE involving in one bleeding from the nose and mouthSudden unexpected death of all 3 at 4.5 months, 3 weeks, 6 weeks (all 3 classified as SIDS); second infant had bleeding from mouth, at ALTE before death, this infant recovered, was sent home from hospital, died 2 h later; third infant had had multiple ALTE and bleeding from mouth and nose at time of death
301None documentedNo
311None documentedNo
322Salt poisoning; ALTE; had severe failure to thrive leading to treatment with growth hormone1 died at 23 months of deliberate salt poisoning (serum Na 193 mmol/L), cause of death determined to be gastroenteritis until CVS demonstrated poisoning and other abuse in the index case
331Bruising at 7 months led to supervision order, mother denied causing bruises including marks inside mouth (thought caused by forced feeding); failure to thrive; mother when she cut her own wrists abandoned siblingNo
351Admitted with alleged profuse vomiting, nurses thought alleged vomit was waterNo
362ALTE at 3 and 5 months in one sibling; love  bite on daughter's face aged 8 yearsSudden unexpected death in 1 (history of  ALTE) at 8 months (classified as SIDS)
372None documentedNo
382Ingestion of bleach and fractured tibia in first sibling; falsely alleged 1 had undergone operation for intussusception; also alleged second sibling had vomited and passed blood in diaper, nurses examined vomit at mother's request, not acidicNo
391Falsely alleged 1 death from SIDS at 10 weeks; falsified death certificate; falsely alleged 1 stillbirthNo