Table 2.

Key Findings in the Family Histories of the 39 Patients Undergoing CVS

of Cases
Fabricated or induced illness in parent25
 Alleged illness without diagnosis22
 Induced illness/injury4
Personality disorder in parent diagnosed by psychiatrist23
Allegations by parent of sexual abuse or rape17
Deliberate self-harm in parent (drug overdoses and self-mutilation)15
Nonfatal abuse in siblings of patients undergoing CVS (excluding ALTE)15
Allegations by parent of physical abuse10
Severe behavioral problems in parent as a child/adolescent10
Families with sudden and unexpected infant/child deaths 9
Criminal behavior in parent (excluding abuse of index child)9
Ingestion of drugs/toxic substances in siblings5
 Proven abuse1
 Suspected abuse4
Miscellaneous unusual activities of parent
 Involved with fires3
 Extensive involvement with the media3
 Falsely alleged to be a nurse2
 Cruelty to pets2
Marital state of parent
 Single without partner11
 Single with partner4
Age of parent at time of birth of index patient
 >20 years29
 17–19 years7
 ≤16 years3
  • For the purpose of this Table 2, parent is defined as the person suspected of having or proven to have abused the patient.