Table 3.

Physiological Parameters Before and After Covering the Head With the Duvet

2½ Months5 Months
Prone n = 30Supine n = 30Prone n = 23Supine n = 25
No CoverCoverDBMSEPNo CoverCoverDBMSEPP1No CoverCoverDBMSEPNo CoverCoverDBMSEPP1
Heart rate (beats/min)125.7131.<.001117.2124.47.11.6<.001113.7116.<.001
Respiratory rate (breaths/min)28.336.38.01.3<.00127.634.97.31.6<.001.425.432.67.21.4<.00124.830.25.56.3<.001.2
Peripheral skin temperature (°C)
Transcutaneous Pco2, (mm Hg)40.341.
Transcutaneous Po2, (mm Hg)65.368.
Oxygen saturation (%)
  • Abbreviations: DBM, differences between means; SE, standard error of differences between means; P, level of significance before vs after covering; P1, level of significance between prone and supine at maximum mean CO2while the head was covered.