Table 4.

Efficacy Outcome Measures

Term*RDSRDS DeathSurvival without BPD,Average Fio2§,Average MAP§,
χ2PValueχ2PValueχ2P ValueFValueP ValueF ValueP Value
Birth weight39.1<.000127.2<.000161.5<.00166.8.000170.9.0001
  • * The initial model included terms for treatment, birth weight, and center as well as interaction terms between treatment and birth weight and treatment and center. For all outcomes, interaction terms were not statistically significant and were deleted from the final model.

  • Analysis of variance (SAS: PROC CATMOD).

  • At 28 days after birth.

  • § General linear regression (SAS: PROC GLM).

  • Average Fio2 for 1 to 72 hours after birth.

  • Average calculated MAP for 1 to 72 hours after birth.