Table 1.

Eligibility and Enrollment

Number of patients screened (<29 weeks gestation) for eligibility1177
Number of infants without consent283
 Parental refusal138
 Unspecified reason94
 Prenatal exclusion35
  Infant judged to be previable (23)
  Informed consent not possible (5)
  Other prenatal exclusion (7)
 Precipitous delivery16
Number of infants with consent but not randomized23
 Postnatal exclusion19
  Intubation judged to be unnecessary (6)
  Infant judged to be >29 weeks at birth (4)
  Infant judged to be previable (3)
  Other postnatal exclusion (6)
 Precipitous delivery2
 Staff unaware of consent2
Number of consented and randomized infants871
Number of infants excluded from primary analysis25
 Gestational age ≥29 weeks15
 Infant judged to be previable8
 Unstable at time of treatment1
Number of infants in primary analysis846