Table 4.

Questionnaire Responses Grouped by Sleeping Position on Going Down at Night: Odds Ratio (OR) With Adjustments for Confounding Variables

A. Markers of Ill Health
 Health of the infant now (4–6 weeks)
  % not “very healthy”18.4%19.5%21.8%18.7%9636
  OR unadjusted1.
  OR adjusted1.001.151.331.058214NS
 Health of the infant within past month (6–8 months)
  % not “very healthy”36.1%40.5%51.4%40.2%8400
  OR unadjusted1.001.201.871.198400<.001
  OR adjusted1.001.101.341.147500NS
 Asked doctor to home because of problem with infant? (4–6 weeks)
  % home visit11.4%12.7%14.9%11.4%9644
  OR unadjusted1.001.141.371.019644NS
  OR adjusted1.001.061.471.068222NS
 Has doctor been called to home for ill infant? (6–8 months)
  % home visit24.8%30.2%30.4%27.0%8398
  OR unadjusted1.001.311.321.128398<.001
  OR adjusted1.
B. Respiratory Symptoms
 Ever had snuffles? (4–6 weeks)
  % with snuffles54.2%56.0%47.6%53.0%9669
  OR unadjusted1.001.080.770.969669.009
  OR adjusted1.001.200.971.148239.017
 Ever had cough? (4–6 weeks)
  % with cough18.9%19.1%22.7%18.3%9669
  OR unadjusted1.
  OR adjusted1.001.031.531.138239NS (.086)
 Ever had cough? (6–8 months)
  % with cough60.5%64.9%77.7%64.3%8445
  OR unadjusted1.<.001
  OR adjusted1.001.091.521.117543NS
 Ever coughed for at least 2 days? (6–8 months)
  % with cough 2 or more days40.1%44.1%51.2%42.9%8379
  OR unadjusted1.001.181.571.128379.003
  OR adjusted1.
 Ever had earache? (6–8 months)
  % with earache7.9%9.9%12.7%8.2%8445
  OR unadjusted1.001.291.711.008445.013
  OR adjusted1.001.211.330.927543NS
 Has anyone thought there might be a problem with hearing? (6–8 months)
  % with problem2.2%3.0%6.2%4.0%8393
  OR unadjusted1.001.342.881.818393.006
  OR adjusted1.000.911.401.537504NS (.091)
 Is hearing worse than usual during/after a cold? (6–8 months)
  % worse4.7%5.5%7.1%5.9%5433
  OR unadjusted1.001.181.561.275433NS
  OR adjusted1.001.020.901.164845NS
 Ever had episodes of wheezing with whistling on the chest? (6–8 months)
  % wheezed18.3%19.2%25.8%19.0%8391
  OR unadjusted1.001.061.551.058391NS (.06)
  OR adjusted1.000.860.950.867497NS
 Ever been breathless? (6–8 months)
  % breathless5.4%5.8%8.5%4.5%8445
  OR unadjusted1.001.081.610.828445NS
  OR adjusted1.000.951.050.757543NS
 Ever had episodes of stopping breathing? (6–8 months)
  % apnea1.8%2.1%2.7%2.0%8445
  OR unadjusted1.001.201.541.128445NS
  OR adjusted1.
 When asleep, seems to stop breathing or hold breath for several seconds at a time? (6–8 months) (often/sometimes)
  % hold breath18.0%18.9%17.8%19.7%7610
  OR unadjusted1.001.060.981.127610NS
  OR adjusted1.001.070.781.136803NS
 Currently breathes through mouth rather than nose? (6–8 months) (all or much of the time)
  % mouth breathe16.6%17.6%24.7%15.9%7260
  OR unadjusted1.001.071.640.957260.024
  OR adjusted1.000.941.170.926515NS
 Snores for more than a few minutes at a time? (6–8 months) (most nights/quite often)
  % snore14.9%13.6%18.3%15.4%7028
  OR unadjusted1.000.901.281.047028NS
  OR adjusted1.000.761.050.936284.020
C. Sleeping Characteristics
 Has regular sleeping? (6–8 months)
  % regular86.0%85.4%82.2%84.5%8367
  OR unadjusted1.000.950.750.888367NS
  OR adjusted1.001.020.990.977453NS
 Amount of sleep >14 hours? (6–8 months)
  % lengthy sleep31.9%36.1%49.6%33.9%8152
  OR unadjusted1.<.001
  OR adjusted1.001.141.691.047296.007
D. Gastrointestinal Signs and Symptoms
 Possets Often? (4–6 weeks)
  % posset23.4%22.4%18.1%24.9%9611
  OR unadjusted1.000.940.721.089611NS (.071)
  OR adjusted1.000.980.811.118195NS
 Possets often? (6–8 months)
  % posset24.8%26.8%24.7%26.1%8420
  OR unadjusted1.
  OR adjusted1.
 Has vomited often? (4–6 weeks)
  % vomit1.8%2.4%3.2%2.6%9518
  OR unadjusted1.001.301.761.459518NS
  OR adjusted1.001.071.431.208117NS
 Has vomited often? (6–8 months)
  % vomit3.1%4.2%5.0%4.8%8417
  OR unadjusted1.001.391.651.578417NS
  OR adjusted1.
 Has ever had vomiting? (6–8 months)
  % vomit29.3%31.5%34.2%30.4%8445
  OR unadjusted1.
  OR adjusted1.001.000.911.037543NS
 Has ever been ill with diarrhea or gastroenteritis? (4–6 weeks)
  % diarrhea2.5%2.6%2.2%2.5%9618
  OR unadjusted1.001.040.880.999618NS
  OR adjusted1.000.900.780.888201NS
 Has ever had diarrhea or gastroenteritis? (6–8 months)
  % diarrhea26.2%27.9%26.9%25.3%8424
  OR unadjusted1.
  OR adjusted1.000.940.760.927526NS
 Has choked on feeding? (4–6 weeks)
  % choked55.4%56.2%53.6%56.4%9685
  OR unadjusted1.001.030.931.049685NS
  OR adjusted1.
 Has choked on feeding? (6–8 months)
  % choked19.4%21.9%18.5%19.8%8445
  OR unadjusted1.001.170.941.038445NS (.077)
  OR adjusted1.001.100.860.987543NS
 Has ever had a lot of wind on feeding? (4–6 weeks)
  % with wind88.3%88.0%90.5%88.4%9685
  OR unadjusted1.000.971.261.019685NS
  OR adjusted1.000.981.581.078249NS
E. Crying and Colic
 Ever had colic? (6–8 months)
  % colic39.6%40.0%32.3%40.8%8445
  OR unadjusted1.001.020.731.058445NS (.083)
  OR adjusted1.001.130.971.127543NS
 Has often had periods when in agony, screams, draws legs up, and can't be calmed? (4–6 weeks)
  % colic symptoms10.3%11.5%12.1%14.2%9522
  OR unadjusted1.
  OR adjusted1.001.221.481.578132.010
 Feel that infant's crying is a problem? (4–6 weeks)
  % with crying problem4.5%4.4%7.6%5.9%9590
  OR unadjusted1.000.971.751.339590.028
  OR adjusted1.001.021.691.468173NS (.065)
 Infant is happy? = NO (4–6 weeks)
  % not happy7.9%9.0%9.8%11.7%9685
  OR unadjusted1.
  OR adjusted1.
F. Miscellaneous Signs and Symptoms
 Ever had jaundice? (4–6 weeks)
  % jaundice45.4%46.5%42.0%43.8%9669
  OR unadjusted1.001.050.870.949669NS
  OR adjusted1.
 Ever been jittery/twitching? (4–6 weeks)
  % jittery/twitching11.7%10.2%8.8%12.0%9669
  OR unadjusted1.000.860.731.029669NS
  OR adjusted1.000.930.840.978239NS
 Ever had high temperature? (4–6 weeks)
  % with pyrexia3.3%4.8%6.0%5.6%9669
  OR unadjusted1.001.491.901.769669.010
  OR adjusted1.001.441.821.648239NS (.071)
 Ever had raised temperature? (6–8 months)
  % with pyrexia34.3%39.4%43.8%37.4%8445
  OR unadjusted1.001.251.501.158445<.001
  OR adjusted1.
 Ever had convulsions/fits? (6–8 months)
  % convulsions/fits0.4%0.7%1.2%0.8%8445
  OR unadjusted1.001.692.962.028445NS
  OR adjusted1.001.573.041.607543NS
G. Skin Conditions
 Has had rash in the joints and creases of body? (4–6 weeks)
  % rash5.1%5.9%10.2%7.3%9603
  OR unadjusted1.
  OR adjusted1.001.031.721.418184.040
 Has had rash in the joints and creases of body? (6–8 months)
  % rash25.2%22.3%18.8%22.4%8389
  OR unadjusted1.000.850.690.858389.042
  OR adjusted1.000.890.720.927495NS
 Has had a nappy rash? (4–6 weeks)
  % nappy rash28.6%23.6%19.6%25.2%9622
  OR unadjusted1.000.770.610.849622<.001
  OR adjusted1.000.810.660.868202.014
 Has had nappy rash? (6–8 months)
  % nappy rash56.6%54.3%52.7%54.1%8416
  OR unadjusted1.000.910.860.918416NS
  OR adjusted1.000.880.830.947520NS
 Has had cradle cap? (4–6 weeks)
  % cradle cap12.4%10.9%10.5%11.7%9563
  OR unadjusted1.000.870.830.949563NS
  OR adjusted1.000.920.730.928156NS
 Has had cradle cap? (6–8 months)
  % cradle cap77.6%74.8%66.7%75.0%8420
  OR unadjusted1.000.860.580.878420.002
  OR adjusted1.000.820.550.927522.002
  • Adjusted for mother's education, mother's age, housing, parity, maternal smoking, admission to SCBU, pertussis vaccination, breast feeding, sex and ethnic group, and where relevant month questionnaire completed and/or age of child at completion.