Table 1.

Health Outcomes Considered in the Study

Health of the infant now? (Very healthy vs other categories)A
Health of the infant within past month? (Very healthy vs other categories)B
Asked doctor to home because of problems with infant? (Yes vs no)A, B
Ever had snuffles? (Yes vs no)A
Ever had cough? (Yes vs no)A, B
Ever had cough for at least 2 days? (Yes vs no)B
Ever had earache? (Yes vs no)B
Has anyone thought there may be a problem with hearing? (Yes vs no)B
Is hearing worse than usual during/after a cold.B
Ever had wheezing with whistling on chest when breathing? (Yes vs no)B
Ever had attacks of breathlessness? (Yes vs no)B
Ever had episodes of stopping breathing? (Yes vs no)B
When asleep seems to stop breathing or hold breath for several seconds? (Often/sometimes vs rest)B
Breathes through mouth rather than nose? (All/much of time vs rest)B
Snores for more than a few minutes at a time? (Most nights/quite often vs rest)B
Has regular sleeping? (Yes vs no)B
Amount of sleep measured in hours–grouped as <14 hours, ≥14 hours.B
Possets? (Often vs rest)A, B
Has vomited? (Often vs rest)A, B
Has ever been ill with diarrhea or gastroenteritis? (Yes vs no)A, B
Has choked on feeding? (Yes vs no)*A, B
Has ever had a lot of wind on feeding? (Yes vs no)A
Ever had colic? (Yes vs no)B
Has often had periods when in agony, screams, draws legs up and can't be calmed? (Yes vs no)A
Feel that infant's crying is a problem? (Yes vs no)A
Infant is happy (No vs yes)A
Ever had jaundice? (Yes vs no)A
Ever been jittery/twitching? (Yes vs no)A
Ever had raised temperature? (Yes vs no)A, B
Ever had convulsions/fits? (Yes vs no)B
Has had rash in joints and creases (Yes vs no)A, B
Has had a nappy rash? (Yes vs no)A, B
Has had cradle cap? (Yes vs no)A, B
  • * Question at 6 to 8 months worded slightly differently.

    (A = 4-week questionnaire; B = 6-month questionnaire).