Study Design Characteristics of Studies Included in the Meta-analysis

Author (Year)No. of Study GroupsRandom Allocation to GroupsTime Point of Data Collection in Relation to InterventionaValid Data-Collection Tool Used
Angelbuer91 (1998)1NoXXNo
Chin et al44 (2008)2YesXYes
Dennison et al42 (2004)2YesXNo
Eisenmann et al45 (2008)2YesXXYes
Epstein et al43 (2008)2YesXYes
Faith et al112 (2001)2YesXYes
Ford et al92 (2002)2YesXYes
Foster et al47 (2008)2YesXYes
Golan et al93 (1998)2YesXYes
Goldfield et al46 (2006)2YesXYes
Gortmaker et al94 (1999)2YesXYes
Gortmaker et al95 (1999)2NoXYes
Harrison et al96 (2006)2YesXYes
Jason97 (1987)1NoXNo
Jason et al98 (1993)1NoXXNo
Jones et al113 (2008)2YesXYes
Kipping et al109 (2008)2YesXYes
Mauriello et al114 (2006)2YesXNo
McCanna110 (1989)1NoXXYes
Nemet et al99 (2005)2YesXNo
Niemeyer100 (1988)2YesXNo
Nova et al101 (2001)2YesXNo
Robinson102 (1999)2YesXYes
Robinson et al103 (2003)2YesXYes
Robinson et al104 (2006)2YesXYes
Salmon et al105 (2008)2YesXYes
Sege et al106 (1997)1NoXNo
Simon et al107 (2006)2YesXYes
Weintraub et al111 (2008)2YesXXYes
  • a All studies collected data at baseline.